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The restored face of Petaluma’s 1870 vintage Opera House was unveiled in a recent ceremony. The eight-color paint scheme, provided by award-winning local firm Stroke & Kote Painting Company, displays the structure’s graceful lines and elegant decorative features to best advantage.

Independent Journal August 2, 2016


When Gary Doty, sole proprietor of Stoke and Kote, told us he was finally putting up a website, we said: “Please, Gary; let Catherine and me write your first Internet endorsement.” We have used Gary and his experienced crew for all our painting needs for the past 14 years. We trust him 100% to do fast, professional work, and for a fair price; he has never let us down. Frankly, we have never requested a bid and we have never been surprised or dismayed by a bill. (By the way, when was the last time you asked for a bid from your doctor, accountant, attorney, or gardener?) By the time you spend collecting and trying to evaluate competitive bids, Gary will probably have the job done. Based on our experience, your life will be easier, and you will be very pleased with the end product.

By the way, after recommending the precise color schemes, Gary painted our home we built five years ago, inside and out. Very simply, he has an exceptional eye for colors. His company has also painted various rental properties for us, and repaired their countless defects left by prior contractors and the ravages of the years. We also know he has worked repeatedly for some of the largest and smallest property owners in Sonoma County. That sort of loyalty has surely been earned with close to 40 years of experience; we doubt he has disappointed many, if any, painting clients. So if you have a project, simply engage him and quit worrying. Gary will do the rest.

Dave & Catherine Kenwood, CA July 6, 2016

We have used Stroke & Kote for all our painting projects for over twenty years. That one sentence should say it all, but here are some of the reasons that we like them so much: long term employees, prompt and polite, quiet and respectful of us and always perfect. Gary Doty is a master to picking colors. When we moved into our current house everything was white. We wanted color, color, color. Gary’s choices were so good –  they transformed the look of our home. We’ve used Stroke & Kote for our business, our rental property and our residence, and we highly recommend them.

Chris & Sharon Glen Ellen, CA July 7, 2016

A contractor friend of mine and satisfied customer of Stroke & Kote recommended them to paint my house. In no way could I have been more pleased with the work that was done. Starting with the contract, through preparation and painting, to the last hour of the work, it was complete satisfaction. I will call upon Stroke & Kote to fulfill all my future painting needs.

Judi H. Santa Rosa, CA July 7, 2016

Molofsky Builders contracted our home (which has been on the cover of Sunset and Home & Design magazines) several years ago and his painter was Stroke & Kote. Since that time they have completed all our painting projects. We appreciate the high caliber of quality in their work. Gary’s attention to detail and his knowledge of what products to use for best results are tops. His employees are meticulous in their workmanship and their follow-through clean up. I highly recumbent them to friends and associates.

Susan S. Glen Ellen, CA July 7, 2016

I’ve used Stroke & Kote painting exclusively for ten years. They’ve painted my residences (both inside and out), my places of business (Cafe La Haye), my neighbor’s house and my business partner’s house as well. I use Stroke & Kote because they are organized, efficient and within my timetable. Their sense of color is incredible and the quality of their work is unsurpassed.

Saul G. Sonoma, CA July 7, 2016

We use Stroke & Kote for all our painting projects. The quality of their work shows throughout every step – from preparation to finish coat. Gary’s sensitivity to color design and a professional attitude make working with him a pleasure. I highly recommend their work without reservation.

Lois & Jack Sonoma, CA July 7, 2016

I have been a general contractor in Sonoma County for over 11 years. My first choice for a painting contractor is Stroke & Kote. Gary has been in the business for over 40 years and understands all aspects of completing a successful job well done for myself and my clients. They are a reliable and competent full service painting company.

Tom H. Santa Rosa, CA July 7, 2016