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Color Consulting

Paint has greater versatility than any other surface finish. It not only offers an infinite variety of color and texture, it also affords protection to the surface, and does both at a lower cost than any other decorative material.

Interior: It is color that gives a room brightness, warmth or coolness, drama, elegance or playfulness. It is color as much as shape that gives a room “atmosphere,” for it is the fall of light and the luxury of our color vision that gives the world visible form and ambience.

Exterior: There are more uncontrolled influences outside: variables of roofing color, neighbors' house colors, baked enamel gutter or windows, stone or brick work, decking etc., and of course landscaping. Neutral colors blend well while making landscaping stand out, and depending on the structure, can give an understated elegance to your home.

Color is very personal and people see and experience it differently. Keeping that in mind, as a color guide my goal is to work together to achieve a color palette that you are comfortable with and get you to your vision.

I like working with color and have taken classes at U. C. Berkley. I have three awards from Heritage Homes of Petaluma (8-color schemes) and one award from Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce (Downtown Commercial Bar) The McNear Building in Petaluma is still painted with my original color scheme 30 years later.

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